Because We Dreamt of Flying

Because We Dreamt of Flying is a love story without a kiss, a crime film without justice, a documentary fairytale. It is the story of Marx and Mercedes, two lost souls looking to re-write their own stories along the cliffs of South Italy. But when fiction becomes truth, things take a dangerous turn. There's only so much freedom this world can bear. 


Because We Dreamt of Flying was shot chronologically on location for five weeks in an intimate team. The team worked on the basis of character biographies and a treatment. Most of the film's dialogue is improvised.

a production of the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg 2018

90 minutes / Drama


Marx: Louis von Klipstein

Mercedes: Yelena Tronina

Deo: Federico Calistri

Fira: Carlotta Bazzu


Writer/Director: Lillian Loveday Erlinger

Producer: Estella Suplit

Cinematographer: Lillian Loveday Erlinger

Editor: Tobias Wilhelmer & Lillian Loveday Erlinger

Music: Andreas Pfeiffer

Sound Recording: Robin Alberding