Das Alte Böse Wir


Das Alte Böse Wir tells the story of Adrian, a young father with the will to do what's right. But when he discovers a dark secret in the forest enclosing his town, that will is put to the test. 


Adrian: Gunnar Seidel

Lena: Isabel Thierauch

Gregor: Andreas Helgi Schmid

Margerite: Christine Diensberg

Julius: Michael F. Stoerzer

Markus: Julien Lickert

Fabian: Liam Gottschalk


Author: Lillian Loveday Erlinger

Director: Lillian Loveday Erlinger

Producer: Alina Schäfer

Producer: Bianca Laschalt

Cinematography: Anne Bolick

Editor: Ina Tangermann

Sound Design: Ana Monte

Music: Patrick Puzsko