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An actor is professionally human...

"They are people with sparkly eyes and dark blood and the ache, the pulse, the bitterness, the sweetness, the wing of a bird, a pigeon, a fairy, their ears are sharp, they pound the floors, beating rhythm from the earth and into our hearts."

- diary entry excerpt  Nov. 7th.2016





During her time at film school, Lily found herself ever more fascinated in the work of an actor. Her interest led her to participate in various workshops, at times even in the role of an actress herself, to deepen her understanding for the instrument with which an actor works. Combining her dramaturgical expertise with acting techniques across the board, ranging from method acting to practical aesthetics, Lily offers coaching sessions aimed at discovering and sharpening an actor's access to his/her roles in preparation for a casting or film production. Sessions are individually tailored to the actor's priorities, which can range from screenplay/character analysis, finding and creating character arcs, to exploring finer layers of movement and character building and connecting these to the actor's source. 

The priority is always aimed at fortifying the actor's autonomy and preparing the actor so he/she can freely create and unfold his/her choices honestly and in the moment. 

Yelena Tronina in  Because We Dreamt of Flying

Yelena Tronina in Because We Dreamt of Flying